Mastering Service Subscription

Mastering Service Subscription

45.00 every month

War Drum Mixing Studio takes its Mastering Service subscription!

Don’t fall victim to automated mastering subscriptions like LANDR or Aria.

Ask yourself…do you really want your song’s fate to be dictated by a computer program? We don’t don’t think so either!

At War Drum Mixing Studio, your music is given specialized treatment by a human not a machine.

What you receive:

  • Up to 10 Songs for master per month

  • HI mp3

  • HI wav file

  • Video Conference Session upon request

  • Audio mastering uses analog simulations

  • All human customization. No robots or automation


  • Ensure your mixed track is at -12dB during printing before sending it to us

  • Listen to your mix before sending it to master. Please ensure there is nothing clipping or distorted

  • Send us a 32 bit float WAV file at 44.100 recording rate

  • Turn around time is typically between 24 - 48 hours

  • Once subscribed you will receive further directions where to send your song files for mastering