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War Drum Mixing Studio believes in affording artists the opportunity to receive high quality recording, mixing and mastering services on a budget.

It delivers these services to its clients by streamlining its business processes and ensuring its clients are at the epicenter of the studio experience.

Established in 2014, War Drum Mixing Studio has serviced over 150 return clients and continues to grow.  War Drum Mixing has three locations: the first in Dexter, New York, the second in Savannah, Georgia, and the third in Manchester, United Kingdom. Additionally, War Drum Mixing Studio is proudly partnered with Recording Connection in Los Angelas, California. Through its business partnership with RRFC, War Drum Mixing offers budding engineers the opportunity to receive high quality audio engineering education. War Drum Mixing Studio is home to three audio engineers: Danny Allen - Graduate of Full Sail University, Victor Sonus - Graduate of Futureworks - UCLAN U.K. and Rob Malloy, Graduate of George Mason University.

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We are now accepting recording engineering interns.


War Drum Mixing offers production, recording, mixing and mastering services.


War Drum Mixing works with many up and coming artists in the U.S and in Europe.

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